We Help the World Understand Customers

AI powered customer engagement solutions


Brands lose $1.6 trillion annually,
as customers switch, due to poor service.

We make sure your customers stay engaged.

Discover. In the mobile messaging era, conversational data stores valuable insights, often ignored, about your customers

Analyze. Understanding what your customers text in real-time, provides context for engagement, retention and upsell

Engage. Reaching out to your customers through
AI-augmented chats, ensures quick turnaround and personalized engagements

Customer service
is the new

Our support bots help your agents
deliver productive, knowledgeable and
personalized customer interactions.

Tomobox is a customer engagement solution
that helps agents sell more and handle issues faster.

Data. Our cloud based platform, processes high volume, high velocity conversational streams. All you have to do is subscribe to our API and you're up and running.

Analytics. Get immediate actionable insights through our dashboards, generated out of your textual streams and our machine learning models, with no additional programming required.

Bots. Our machine learning-trained bots drive natural language interactions with your agents and customers. No coding or hand crafted rules required.

insights, right
out of the box.

Our machine learning
generated models, provide
immediate value, visualized
through our dashboards.

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